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Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Key Stages of Customer Behaviour - Awareness Interest - Desire Action - Satisfaction - Loyalty - Recommendation
Loyalty- Is yours a captive audience?
If something doesn't meet with a customer's requirements there are many alternative suppliers to choose from in most situations. Customers can vote with their feet, cars or telephones, and more importantly with their credit cards and cheque books.
Win Referrals and Recommendations
An existing customer is likely to spend more in the long run than a new customer whose future purchasing patterns will be less predictable. It also costs less to keep existing customers than to win new ones. Put another way, repeat customers are major contributors to profit. They sometimes encourage others to purchase from your company too, so ensuring customer satisfaction pays dividends
customer satisfaction survey graph The customer is always right
It clearly makes sense to ensure that customer satisfaction is as high as possible with the products and services that you provide, the way they are dealt with by your company, or any consideration that is important to them when deciding where to spend their money.

What counts?
When assessing customer satisfaction the key issues are:
  • What considerations are most important to the customer?
  • How well does your company perform on each consideration?
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It is also possible to compare your own company's perceptions (across all locations including customer-facing sites and head office) against the perceptions of your customers in terms of the above.
By identifying gaps between company perceptions and those of your customers on each consideration you can prioritise areas on which to focus your efforts in order to make the most effective improvement.
Actionable steps to take
Add to this the power that can be harnessed from customer feedback on what steps you can take to improve satisfaction, and you have the opportunity to enthuse your customers so that they will tell others how good you are, whilst continuing to spend their own money with you.
Keep them flowing
This approach remains valid for new customers as well as existing customers. As well as keeping existing customers, identify what satisfies a new customer and they will soon become a customer of the even more profitable variety.
Keep on growing
The best business is repeat business. The key to repeat business is customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer is generally a loyal customer and therefore will come back to you. A truly satisfied customer will tell others hence referrals and recommendations. Stratagem MarketChecker will help you to increase your sales through enhanced loyalty and increased recommendation…
Satisfaction Assured
We can design customer satisfaction surveys to meet your needs, or run existing surveys on your behalf. Either way, you will be pleasantly surprised at the results and we are confident you will continue to use our high quality, bespoke and sensibly-priced services.
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