Data and Fulfilment Services

Contract out your data entry, brochure circulation or promotion fulfilment requirements. We can turn jobs round quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. We can do this either as a stand-alone service or as part of a wider remit. Additional bespoke resources to complement your in-house resources or help you obtain the most from your budgets courtesy of our flat, flexible set-up.
Promotion Fulfilment & Brochure Circulation
Stratagem MarketChecker works on a piece-rate basis for brochure circulation and promotional fulfilment so guaranteeing efficiency and reducing employee fatigue by spreading the tasks. Sub-contracting this type of work helps to motivate your staff further by giving them the more interesting work to do.
Data Entry and Processing
You name it - questionnaires, prices, technical data, international import/export data, etc. - we'll deliver it formatted how you want it. Whatever data entry you need, Stratagem MarketChecker can turn it round for you quickly and accurately to save you hassle.
Data Analysis
  • Data gathering from a variety of sources. We can obtain accurate, up-to-date, reliable information of all kinds.
  • Data entry in a range of software formats, to suit your needs.
  • Data preparation will ensure that there are no duplicates, that all open-ended responses are correctly coded and categorised.
  • We can e-mail data to you, or send it in disc form, hard copy form etc. to your own specification
  • Rapid, accurate entry of any data e.g. Questionnaire responses, technical data, price information, etc.
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