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Data and Fulfilment Services

Contract out your data entry, brochure circulation or promotion and fulfilment requirements. We can turn jobs round quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. We can do this either as a stand-alone service or as part of a wider remit. Additional bespoke resources to complement your in-house resources or help you obtain the most from your budgets courtesy of our flat, flexible set-up.
Direct Mail and Telephone Contact Services
We offer Direct Mail and Telephone Contact Services, either as part of a survey, or as stand-alone options.  These include the following options, each of which can also be taken as part of a package or as a stand-alone service.
  • Database processing
  • Outbound mail & telephone contact
  • Intelligent mail merge
  • Collation and filling
  • Reply-paid service
  • Data entry & report generation
Promotion, Brochure Circulation and Fulfilment
Stratagem MarketChecker works on a piece-rate basis for brochure circulation and promotional fulfilment services, so aiding efficiency and allowing your employees to concentrate on core tasks. Sub-contracting this type of work helps to motivate your staff further by giving them the more interesting work to do.
Data Entry and Processing
You name it - questionnaires, prices, technical data, international import/export data, etc. - we'll deliver it formatted how you want it. Whatever data entry you need, Stratagem MarketChecker can turn it round for you quickly and accurately to save you time and hassle.
Data Analysis
  • Data gathering from a variety of sources. We can obtain accurate, up-to-date, reliable information of all kinds.
  • Data entry in a range of software formats, to suit your needs.
  • Data preparation will ensure that there are no duplicates, that all open-ended responses are correctly coded and categorised.
  • We can e-mail data to you, or send it in disc form, hard copy form etc. to your own specification
  • Rapid, accurate entry of any data e.g. Questionnaire responses, technical data, price information, etc.
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