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Market Opportunities and Intelligence

Achieve Your Objectives
The key to success in any business is knowing identifying the correct objectives and achieving them in the time allocated. The range of market intelligence and analysis services that we offer will help you to reach the core of any issues that you need to understand and subsequently address.
Prioritise key markets
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  • Market Size and Trends: in a nutshell, markets that are either large or growing, or preferably both, tend to yield more opportunities than those that are standing still
  • Market Share by Segment: by dividing the market up into discernible chunks, it becomes possible to see where specific opportunities lie, and how to capitalise on them
  • Market Intelligence and Information Services: keeping an eye on what is happening in the marketplace to spot opportunities and minimise threats.
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Spot Large, Fast-Growing Profitable Markets
The fundamental issue facing any business is how much, potentially, could it sell. Linked rather closely to this is the issue of how much profit is available to be made. A major determinant of both is the size and growth rate, of the market and the level of competition.
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The key is to evaluate market size and growth as well as profitability. Companies that do not do this risk charging too much (or not enough!), and also possibly focussing on relatively small markets that will never yield as much revenue and profit as larger markets.
The Export Challenge: International Market Intelligence
We are able to tailor-make reports to your particular specifications on market sizes and trends, import and export figures, etc. in many countries around the world, for more or less any product you care to mention.
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Unlock Your Market Potential
Building on the information established through market size and trend analysis, segmentation provides the key to a profitable marketing strategy.
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A successful segmentation basis will identify a means of categorising your customers in a way that enables you to identify how to appeal to each group in the way most likely to make them order from your company (i.e. you establish a competitive edge)
The best means of segmenting depends on your company's policies, the markets in which it operates, and a whole host of other factors.
An alarmingly high proportion of companies would not appear to carry out any kind of market size calculation, let alone segmentation. By preparing a thorough marketing plan, you can pave the way to increasing your company's profits.
Understand Your Sales Channel Mix
By obtaining sample invoice data and analysing the contents of the data fields in which you are interested, it is possible to obtain a great deal of valuable information about the types of customer who buy your products and services.
This often proves to uncover potential gaps in the market that you will be able to subsequently exploit to your profit.
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Benchmarking Studies: how do others perform on key criteria?
It is possible to compare your performance against other companies or industries for benchmarking purposes on whatever criteria are important to your customers.
Stratagem MarketChecker are able to make an independent evaluation of the required information or market intelligence. We will tailor our approach to your requirements - see also Market Monitoring Services.
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