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Market Research, On-line Surveys, Telephone Surveys

Customer Insight and Market Research
Stratagem MarketChecker will help you find solutions to problems, as well as to discover what "switches on" both your end customers and also the businesses between you and the end customer (e.g. Retailers, Dealers, Wholesalers, Agencies, Processors, Assemblers, Manufacturers, Contractors etc.)
By using an appropriate combination of market research techniques and lateral thinking we will help you to quantify unknown variables and to obtain detailed customer insight into less straightforward issues.
Our impartial approach can reap dividends through the candid, confidential and anonymous feedback obtained that is then categorized into meaningful chunks.
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Achieve Business Objectives
Click on the Market Intelligence link for more details. Find the largest, fastest-growing, most profitable markets and segments to win extra business and achieve objectives.

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Leave the Rest of the Pack Standing with Effective Product Positioning
If your product or service is totally and obviously unique, you won't need to read this section i.e. if your product positioning has already made your offerings effectively unbeatable.
So, how important is each benefit of your company's products and services to different types of customer? How well do existing & prospective customers perceive your company to perform on each benefit? How do others in the market compare? Establish what you can do to leave the competition behind.
Stratagem MarketChecker uses a creative, ad hoc approach to find target-hitting solutions through the channel.

market research - business surveys
Sales Outlet & Business Surveys  | Back to Top
Target-Hitting Solutions Through the Channel
Unless you are selling 100% directly to end customers, you will benefit greatly from the feedback obtained through 3rd party business surveys.
There may be a specific piece of information that you need. Or your requirements may be more exploratory in nature, for instance:
· how solve a problem · ideas and suggestions to increase business or create a new niche · how to raise purchase frequency or value · what they thought of the latest promotion · how could you improve? · obtaining co-operation for other marketing or research initiatives · you name it we'll find the solution.
Stratagem MarketChecker uses a creative, ad-hoc approach to find target-hitting solutions through the channel.
Market Monitoring Studies  | Back to Top
Be Informed to Spot Opportunities and Avoid Threats
Periodic business surveys with the companies that supply or buy your products and services - these could include end customers. The possible business monitoring topics to cover are many and varied but may include:
  • Prices
  • Special offers
  • Opinion category polls
  • Competitor activities
  • Stock levels
More open-ended feedback such as attitudes, and details of opinions, ideas and suggestions can be included. These are categorised to allow measurement as well as insights and verbatim feedback.

Regular contact builds even greater trust and understanding. Business monitoring over time is revealing. The consensus is generally right, so it pays to be in on the ground floor at spotting opportunities and avoiding threats.
Purchase Insights | Back to Top
Unlock Incremental Market Share
Customers' needs may be more than simply product or service-related. Whether your customers are repeat or first timers, businesses or consumers, large or small, you will need to know what triggers their purchase behaviour when they finally decide where to spend their money.

Evaluate purchase behaviour that explains why others won orders for which you quoted or reinforce your own successes.
By understanding your customers' needs and purchase behaviour beyond product or service benefits you gain market share.
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Attitude Tracking to Increase Usage
How many potential customers know what your company does = awareness. Have they tried your products or services = usage. If so, why and how often? If not, why not? Measure how favourable their experience has been through attitude tracking. You want to increase the number of people who buy from your company - do you agree or disagree?
By monitoring if awareness and attitudes are improving over time, you can take appropriate actions from the findings to increase usage and sales.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys  | Back to Top
Heighten Loyalty and Encourage Recommendations through Customer Satisfaction -
Ask your customers what criteria are important measures. Use agreed criteria. Measure your performance through periodic structured questionnaires:
  • Keep everybody informed about customer satisfaction projects and progress. This is good customer relations.
  • All those bulletins are also a wonderful reason to send out more order forms & special offers
  • Use each individual item of progress to generate good publicity, whether in local press, trade magazines or specialist interest publications. These types of journal are always on the lookout for interesting stories
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